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Meet Ama

As a trained photographer and communication designer it was always my goal to create a path of independence, while further developing my skills.


Since 2015 I am realizing this dream of mine under the alter ego 'The Art of Ama'. I was able to create a platform that combines photography and illustrative work, two of my core passions and fields in which I feel most at home.  

For my commissioned photography work I mainly specialize in product photography as well as company portraits and event photography. Especially my ability to easily connect with other people brought me interesting projects for clients like:

Stryker | Meijer & Walters | Workplace Pride | Bundleboon | European Ocean Film Tour  | European Outdoor Film Tour | ING | and many more


Aside from this, I am often working on smaller 'passion projects' in the field of fashion and beauty photography.

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