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Amazine - A multidisciplinary something

As photographer and artists, I always had problems focussing on one subject, one area of expertise. With this insanely diverse spectrum of creative disciplines it is difficult to choose. I wanted to be good at all of them, or at least at most of them.

To be completely honest with myself, it's never going to be like that. But I like to try! There are just so many different amazing subjects and motives that attract me. Sometimes they are more free, sometimes they are very technical. I mean, how do you choose between:

Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Collages, Drawing, Animation, etc, etc, etc...???

There's good new though! This particular issue can be turned into something more productive, something more tangible. And I am sure that something has been named already... What was that? It's called "multidisciplinary artist"? Oh, yeah, that actually sounds accurate! Thanks, mate.

So, while I am trying to figure out this new something and fixing my issue, I'm gonna go ahead and name it while I am at it. Amazine.

Amazine will be a blog about projects that go outside of my comfort zone, cross my natural boundaries and challenge the usual. A summary of each project I am working on that doesn't fall into my traditional field of work. I'd love you to follow my process. Sign up for my newsletter to receive the first issue of the Amazine. As well as a blog, every issue will be available as a posterzine print issue to download and print yourself.

The first issue of Amazine will be about the new kicks on the block! Meaning: If you are really into sneakers, you should definitely have a look ;)

Stay tuned and big love, Ama

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