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After the first official full week of quarantine, it might be understandable that one has to go outside. Breathe some fresh air, move your extremities for more than only a round through your living room, so I took my camera and my bike today at around noon. I wanted to use this moment of serenity that occupies the whole city of Amsterdam at the moment. Probably even the whole world.

I was stunned by the emptiness, creeped out by the eery atmosphere. This is not my city. Only a few that dare to go out. Only a few that function as a reminder of what the city was, only a week or two ago. But then again: This was probably the purest the city will ever show itself to us. I realized details of houses, that I have never realized before. I cycled through streets that I never cycled through before.

Major spots as Dam square, Rokin, and Jordaan. All free of selfie-taking tourists and a true paradise for any photographer.

Needless to say, I kept the #socialdistance and didn't touch anything but my camera and my bike.

See what I saw in the pictures. Oh and #staythefuckathome!


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