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Testing new waters is always a good idea!

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to give guest lectures at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. To begin with, I was in unchartered waters. Yet, from the first step I set into that building, I felt at home.

The warm and welcoming mentality of the Fashion Academy family sparked confidence in me to try something new. The thought of teaching was never really something I had imagined for myself. Simply because I had never really tried it. But this experience left me curious and hungry for more.

On Friday we successfully ended part of a portfolio workshop. In my lessons, the students learned everything they need to know about a photoshoot production for their portfolio. The results that the students achieved were stunning and I couldn't have been happier about the fact that I helped them to get there.

A series of 2-3 pictures across 3 different locations. That was the task. Some had previous experience, some didn't have any.

During the day, the students took great shots! Their feeling for styling and their different backgrounds in fashion resulted in 8 excellent sets and many many great shots.

I was constantly reminded of the feeling of success and excitement that fills me when I look at the camera screen after I’ve taken a couple of shots to see that I am on the right track.

I’d like to thank the Amsterdam Fashion Academy for this opportunity and exchange of creativity! And if they will have me, I will for sure be back.

Thanks also to Giancarlo Pazzanese for introducing me to the Fashion Academy and for letting me be his stand-in from time to time, as well as to Beata Micialkiewicz who is a true styling professional.

Ps: I think the pink fur coat might be a pretty good choice for the coming autumn season ;)

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