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Giancarlo, Operating Room

I have worked in different events and campaigns with Jennifer from office portraits to international conferences. Every time she delivered excellent images.

She is able to make portrait models at ease with the camera and the experience and during events, she manages to merge with the crowd, interact and capture the human interactions, speakers and mood in a special way.

Briefings have always been easy, she takes direction, understands the need and objectives of the project and adds up creativity and enthusiasm to the process.

Portrait models, clients and event participants always have reacted positively to Jennifer's work. Both at the photoshoot and after receiving or seeing the work delivered.

Jennifer's best asset apart from being a creative artist is her contagious enthusiasm and good energy. She makes people comfortable and by being authentic and empathic herself, she allows her photo subjects to be their most authentic self and that shows in her portfolio. This is a rare quality in a photographer and one that is appreciated by everyone who works with her, being a model, production team, end clients etc.


I have also worked with Jennifer in educational contexts. She is also a good teacher, relates to an audience with charm and honesty. Just like clients, students react with curiosity and openness to her creative workshops.


Danka, ING

Jennifer was incredibly professional, polite and friendly to all our stakeholders who were partaking in the photoshoot. She made them feel comfortable in the moment when people fell mostly self-conscious and brought out their best smiles.


Blythe, Affordable Art Fair

In the time that I managed Jennifer at Public House of Art, I was constantly astounded by her warmth, enthusiasm and passion for photography. She pays close attention to detail, is an excellent communicator and takes on fully a sense of responsibility for tasks and projects that she is assigned. She is a dynamite combination of practical with a keen sense of style and aesthetics. Jennifer is a true gem!

Meijer_Walters_Headshots (6 of 35).jpg

Renee, Meijer & Walters

We are very happy with our beautiful photos, which clearly show who we are as a family. They hang on the wall and we love to look at them.

Everyone thinks the photos turned out very beautiful and nice. Several people are now also considering booking a photo shoot with her.

In addition to the lovely photos as a result, the photo shoot itself was great fun. It was very comfortable and with her warm and personal approach, Jennifer quickly put us at ease.

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Cindy, Medtronic

I've seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job... but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role. I certainly miss working with her, and I would highly recommend her for any job.

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